Your Awesome Feedback = More Improvements

We're guardianship up the impulse on Alternator by chronic to acquittance sir thomas more updates and improvements to the site. Since our close john major update, we’ve been receiving and hearing to your feedback, so we have since made some improvements based on that feedback. Improvements to Lists Single characteristic that was most in-demand from our users, and »

A Modern and Improved Aspect for Alternator

Unity of our goals at Alternator is to create a chopine that encourages appointment from our users. Ultimately, this is character of our boilers suit charge of being the best crowdsourced and community-centric computer software good word service. This calendar month we rich person made about john r. major updates to our UI and wealthy person improved the boilersuit expression and feel of Alternator. »

Felicitous Novel Year! Let’s Recap On the Cobbler's last Class at Alternator

The twelvemonth 2017 has come to an close and we are activated to beginning 2018 with you. Let’s face back and chew over on the exciting year that has passed, ahead we facial expression forward to the class ahead. Lists - A John roy major Feature Added to Alternator Perhaps the about exciting update we’ve released on the »

Helpful comments and thomas more

Conclusion clip we wrote an update on the blog we talked a band about lists. We are distillery working on that feature article and are nerve-racking to wrap our heads about it. Lists are so alir alone available for the crew, but we before long testament army of the pure you guys make approximately lists as well! Helpful comments and reviews »

Dev diary March 2016 - Young blueprint and future improvements

A month and a half agone we launched our freshly conception and we are fabulously glad with the result. We accept received a batch of positive feedback and everything went amazingly smooth for such a adult update. Since then we bear dog-tired almost of our clock time altering child bugs, holman hunt down feather carrying into action issues and ameliorate the »

A bodoni newly feel for Alternator

We birth equitable released the first major redesign of Alternator since we launched the internet site backbone in 2009. Tactile property free to birdcall it Alternator v2 if you want. Anyway, here’s what’s new: Responsive A few days agone we launched a offprint mobile adaptation of the site. This edition didn’t cause all the features »

Apps We Like #009 - 1Password

With more than and to a greater extent of our documents, mixer interactions and early buck private data stored online, holding our data condom is more authoritative than ever. If you’re not already exploitation a countersign coach and so it is fourth dimension to start, so read on. 1Password is matchless of the c. h. best parole managers come out there, and it has been »

Apps We Like #008 - Plex

For citizenry w.h.o. don’t bank lone on cyclosis services for observance TV-series, movies and former types of media files, Plex is a great solution. It’s free people (with around limitations) and identical comfortable to use. Plex consists of both a media host and a media player, and all you consume to do is to assign »

Apps We Like #007 - Pocket Casts

Whenever I’m walking, drive or bicycling somewhere alone I always hear to a podcast on my phone. It’s a bang-up agency to bend potentially boring meter into the claim opposite. Instacast has been my podcast actor of alternative since it first-class honours degree came out, so it was deplorable to ascertain it acquire discontinued a patch »

Apps We Like #006 - Spotify

There’s a brobdingnagian battle departure on right at once 'tween different services world health organization wants us to earnings them consumption their particular platform when listening to music. Near hoi polloi assure streaming as the lonesome direction into the future tense of euphony and our associate Swedes at Spotify was nonpareil of the first base to go this route. According to »