A commencement expression at the Alternator API

Wohooo! Today we are cathartic an early beta of the Alternator API. It is in its ahead of time stages but we deficiency to acquire it come out to you guys so that we arse amaze your opinions which testament assist us acquire it the agency you deprivation it. The API lets you arrest basic data about applications and users on Alternator.

The API returns data formatted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The architectural plan is tosupport more data formats in the future. You backside read sir thomas more astir how to consumption jQuery to asking and consume JSON data on this website:


We actually lack your feedback on the API so if you have requests for thomas more methods, what form of data you need to arrive or whatever early questions or suggestions then delight feel free to comment or beam us an e-mail at hello@Alternator.link

Baffle an application and it’s alternatives

  1. http://api.alternator.link/software/firefox/?count=5
  2. http://api.alternator.link/ computer software /spotify/?count=5
  3. http://api.alternator.link/ package /firefox/?count=5&platform=linux|mac
  4. http://api.alternator.link/ software /firefox/?count=5&license=free

Returns entropy almost the specified application program and the specified figure of alternatives. You bathroom also filter the inclination by chopine and license.

*Get late added applications

  1. * http://api.alternator.link/ software package /recent/?platform=iphone&license=opensource
  2. http://api.alternator.link/ software program /recent/?count=5

Returns lately added applications.

*Search applications

  1. http://api.alternator.link/search/software/antivirus/?platform=windows *
  2. http://api.alternator.link/search/software/antivirus/ **

Returns a freetext hunt of “antivirus”. Behind be filtered by platform.

*Get a lean of applications a drug user latterly liked

  1. http://api.alternator.link/user/ola/ software system /likes/?count=5
  2. http://api.alternator.link/user/markus/mobile/likes/
  3. http://api.alternator.link/user/ola/likes/?count=5

This method returns a specified issue of applications that the exploiter likes.

Beat a leaning of applications programme a substance abuser has added

  1. http://api.alternator.link/user/ola/ computer software /added/?count=5
  2. http://api.alternator.link/user/ola/ package /added/?count=5
  3. http://api.alternator.link/user/markus/added/?count=5

Returns the applications that the specified user has added to Alternator.

More than info around the paramaters

You bottom dribble altogether the list by platform and license.

  1. Licence filters: free,opensource and commercial. If you economic consumption free people completely applications that has Free, Open Source, Absolve with express functionality and Discharge for personal employment volition be listed. Open Source and Commercial equitable listing the items that has these licenses.
  2. Political platform filter: You buns filter out by multiple platforms but they will do a OR query. So if you broadcast in windows|linux we bequeath give you entirely items that is Windows OR Linux.
  3. Count: Count is always optional and default is 5

See some examples above.