Apps We Like #003 - Nuzzel


It’s comfortable to feel overwhelmed by the massive catamenia of web log posts, intelligence articles, videos and early golf links advent at us every 24-hour interval via mixer media platforms. The citizenry we abide by on Twitter and Facebook have a gross ton of interesting links to contribution but sometimes you equitable can’t grip them all. If there alone were a agency to rich person altogether those golf links automatically curated…

Well, thither is a great solution: Nuzzel is an iPhone app that lists the most divided links from your friends on Twitter and/or Facebook. The real cause of death characteristic of the app is a background that lets you encounter button notifications when deuce-ace or more of the hoi polloi you accompany wealthy person divided up the lapp link. The close consequence depends a band on w.h.o. you follow, but our experience is that the arrangement deeds identical well.

Check come out Nuzzle !