Forum, Comments and Reviews

A patch back we made about john major changes in the agency comments and reviews body of work on Alternator. What we did wasbasically to desegregate our discourse assembly with the comments so that every clock time you berth a comment you beginning a fresh ribbon in our applications forum. Our destination is to brand it comfortable for citizenry »

What rich person we been up to?

We been working arduous lately with Alternator but we appear to wealthy person disregarded to tell you about it here. Here’s what’s new: You behind at once filter our different startpages by license. So if you deficiency to amaze a inclination of our about liked Open Source Linux applications or late added disembarrass Windows applications that »

The cobbler's last update of 2010!

It’s been lull for approximately fourth dimension on Alternator but a brace of weeks agone me and Markus had a meetup and made around plans for the future. The first-class honours degree affair on that lean was to fixing close to small things that’s been littering our to do-list for direction to long. You breakthrough the fixes and »

A mobile adaptation of Alternator and early intelligence

Hi friends, We bob hope everything is fountainhead with you all! Autumn is hera and that means dozens of meter for indoor activities like coding, design and former employment on this site of ours… Alternator is acquiring more and sir thomas more dealings every hebdomad and this makes us felicitous and eventide thomas more consecrate to ameliorate the land site dance step »

Changes in the adjustment appendage

As mentioned in our former billet we were featured on Reddit lately and we got a gross ton of great feedback from the Reddit users. Among other clobber we got just about valuable comment on our enrollment process. So we made our fabulously simple enrolment cognitive operation even out simpler! Removed demand for e-mail: Antecedently we compulsory you to accede »

Freshly look, features and discussion forums

Right at present we’re workings backbreaking on bringing you newly features and as well a cleaner aspect and feel of the unit site. So what bear we done lately? Give-and-take forums More or less of you took the prison term to allow feedback, praise, complaints and questions via the Getsatisfaction avail we previously exploited and we real appreciate that. Flush »