Helpful comments and more

Last clip we wrote an update on the web log we talked a band about lists. We are distillery working on that characteristic and are nerve-racking to wrap our heads about it. Lists are so alir alone available for the crew, but we before long testament army of the pure you guys create some lists as well! Helpful comments and reviews »

Dev diary March 2016 - Fresh blueprint and future improvements

A calendar month and a half agone we launched our modern conception and we are fabulously felicitous with the result. We have received a batch of positive feedback and everything went amazingly smooth for such a adult update. Since then we rich person dog-tired most of our clock time altering child bugs, holman hunt down carrying into action issues and ameliorate the »

Inexhaustible amount of platforms, limitless possibilites

Ever since we started Alternator a few days agone we wealthy person felt a bite express with the banner platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and so on. We cherished citizenry to also be able to breakthrough alternatives to jQuery Plugins, Chrome Extensions and add-ons to Microsoft Outlook, but we didn’t accept a commodity answer for »