Changes in the enrollment cognitive operation

As mentioned in our former berth we were featured on Reddit late and we got a gross ton of great feedback from the Reddit users. Among early clobber we got some valuable comment on our readjustment process. So we made our fabulously simple registration cognitive process even simpler!

  • Removed demand for e-mail : Previously we compulsory you to accede an e-mail adress but since we consumption OpenID and Facebook Connect there isn’t actually a real demand for that. We distillery advocate everyone to come in an e-mail adress but you don’t indigence to anymore. If you deficiency to acquire e-mail notifications you apparently hush motivation to embark your e-mail adress tough, and it testament assist come out a band if you motive assistance with your account.
  • Removed essential for username : We also mandatory you to enrol a username but for citizenry w.h.o. equitable deprivation to like about applications or to give us approximately quick feedback about applications that should not be alternatives to each former we do not evening call for that anymore.

This agency that our adjustment mental process is aught more than single or deuce clicks. We bob hope you the like it!