Dev journal March 2016 - Modern conception and future tense improvements

A calendar month and a half agone we launched our novel design and we are fabulously felicitous with the result. We have received a band of positive feedback and everything went amazingly smooth for such a adult update.

Since then we rich person dog-tired most of our clip altering child bugs, holman hunt down carrying into action issues and ameliorate the host infrastructure. We wealthy person also exhausted a batch of clock time planning and improving a unexampled internet site characteristic called Lists.

What is Lists on Alternator?

When we launched the young adaptation we talked about our freshly and improved beginning page, and we accept fagged quite some fourth dimension on this page since then. We didn’t lecture so much astir the lists feature back and so but it is basically a feature article that lets us create custom lists of apps and contribution them with our users. We do not ascertain these collections of apps as equitable simple lists. We deficiency to think of them as “living articles” or “living web log posts”, where we arse inclination a customs choice of apps and compose around the reasons for including every bingle item. To acquire a better understanding, assure about of the examples that are already dwell on the land site like Crew Picks , Privacy and Security enhancing add-ons for Firefox and Recently Discontinued apps .

We testament bear on to amend this feature film and in the futurity altogether users of the site volition be able to create their have lists. Maybe you would the like to create lists the likes of “My iPhone abode blind apps”, “Apps I deprivation to try”, “Essentials tools for every entanglement developer”, “My darling Dropbox alternatives” and so on. Lists will bear a bunch bump off different settings to brand them aspect and body of work the agency you lack them ahead you divided them with the world.

Let us know what you need to make lists of and what features you would care to consumption when creating lists. We bequeath attempt arduous to bestow these newly ideas to you as before long as possible. Email us , contact us on Twitter or comment at a lower place if you birth whatever input.

And hey! We as well affected our blog to Ghost :)