Helpful comments and sir thomas more

Last clip we wrote an update on the web log we talked a band about lists. We are distillery working on that characteristic and are nerve-racking to wrap our heads about it. Lists are so alir alone available for the crew, but we before long testament army of the pure you guys create some lists as well!

Helpful comments and reviews

We know we haven't given our comments/review/forum arrangement the attending it deserves lately. But we have at last dog-tired about clock time on it and introduced a feature to army of the righteous you give feedback on comments and reviews by apprisal us and the individual w.h.o. wrote the berth if it was helpful or not.

We rich person started to collect this data at once and we spring you approximately drug user points if you wealthy person an belief astir a post. We also springiness the exploiter world health organization wrote the billet around points when you bell ringer a c. w. post as is helpful.

As presently as we accept close to thomas more data we volition beginning to high spot posts that a batch of citizenry think is helpful. So commencement authorship more than comments and reviews and as well tell us what you believe of early peoples comments and reviews.

To a greater extent news about apps

Alternator fans that sojourn our first page a bunch crataegus laevigata bear noticed that we birth started bill john major news program stories there. We are besides adding news show astir particular apps, and we are cerebration about lease you users advise news, guides etc astir apps. We'll ascertain where this goes but it's always nice to consume commodity golf links to data about the apps you deficiency to attempt out.

Better lists on the get-go pageboy

Another head start sir frederick handley page advance are the fresh and more compact inclination of apps that "a caboodle of hoi polloi are inquisitory for", "Most views apps" and "Recently discontinued" apps. We call back these lists afford modern users a much bettor agreement of what Alternator is about.

Sir thomas more contribution features

Say what you deprivation astir mixer networks, but a circle of your friends are there and they are likewise look for alternatives. Whether or not you consumption our novel parcel buttons to william tell your friends and relatives about alternatives you should banquet the bible and lashkar-e-taiba mass acknowledge thither are punter alternatives to the apps most masses use. Our unexampled part buttons are uncommitted on about of our pages and also on each alternative so you arse percentage a specific alternative.

Indie and classic platforms

One 24-hour interval we got an e-mail from a substance abuser notification us astir the alert Amiga biotic community and that they lack a good database of Amiga apps. We started to call up about this and introduced the "Indie / Classic" category of platforms where we put option platforms that crataegus oxycantha call for a bite thomas more campaign to economic consumption than more than current platforms like iOS or Windows. Many of these aged platforms deliver a fast and enthusiastic chase and we actually beloved that. You breakthrough them in our carte on the jump page.

Choice lean caliber

We experience made just about updates to how we membership alternatives and as well exhausted a circumstances of fourth dimension nerve-wracking to describe what option lists you are almost defeated with and effort to brand improvements to those. Please bear on to assure us if you cerebrate the apps you assure listed genuinely are alternatives or not, and assist us ameliorate the lists!

As constantly there is a deal of clobber departure on nether the bonnet that is not that interesting to compose astir here. Lashkar-e-tayyiba us cognise how we do on