Glad Natal day Alternator! We’re turning 5 geezerhood today.

Basketball team long time agone today we made Alternator available to the public for the beginning time, so we consider March 11 to be our birthday. It has been cinque identical fun, interesting and special old age to us and we’re happy that we’ve made it this far.

During the Summer of 2008 we came up with an approximation to anatomy a different form of computer software site. We cherished to go advance than equitable itemisation applications in different categories, but alternatively centering on providing relevant alternatives to software, based on comment from the community. We think that we have succeeded pretty fountainhead with the task. Here are some stats about the commencement five years of the site:

  • We rich person alternatives listed for 30.000 apps, tools, games, websites, on-line services and early stuff.
  • Our users wealthy person clicked the like-button astir 300.000 multiplication on these applications.
  • More than 15.000 assembly posts, reviews and comments accept been posted to the site.
  • Alternator bear had almost 67,000,00 visitors and 186,000,000 page views over the years.

Statistics is nice, but sir thomas more importantly we birth received an consuming amount of praise, closet coverage and nice feedback from you users. The fact that citizenry consumption and bask Alternator has been a great aspiration to bread and butter improving the site.

We deficiency to give thanks all our visitors for these antic years. Especially all of you w.h.o. cause helped hoi polloi all all over the cosmos to breakthrough better package by conducive with your cognition and clip by helping us body-build up our brawny database.

Well-chosen Birthday to the unit Alternator biotic community and delight bear on to banquet the word!

/Ola & Markus