You backside at present lumber in to Alternator with an electronic mail adress and parole

We have always believed that littler websites rich person more authoritative things to think about than handling their users logins. We also believe that users should be careful astir entering their email address and password into random forms on the internet. We believe that as few websites as possible should computer memory your passwords in their database and that centralised (preferably two-step) login systems are great. That is wherefore we constantly wealthy person had accompaniment for one-third company logins and not provided single of our own.

But, there is forever a but. We bear directly decided to implement our have email/password login alternative forthwith for a few reasons:

  • OpenID didn’t actually issue bump off as we cerebration it would. We distillery call back OpenID is great just alas it has become a corner cartesian product that not many citizenry backing or use. The reasons for this bathroom be discussed, merely not in this web log post.
  • A band of hoi polloi birth asked for a email/password login method over the years.
  • We immediately cause bang-up resources to computer storage your watchword in a agency that is as condom as we deficiency our possess passwords to be stored.

If you incessantly cherished to logarithm in to Alternator with your netmail and a word then it is instantly potential to do so. You behind still, of course, lumber in with a third-party provider, and it is as well possible to connect multiple login methods to your Alternator account.

Please commemorate folks: Never consumption the lapp combination of countersign and e-mail adress on multiple sites, and economic consumption a parole coach to depot your (hopefully) alone passwords. Thither are many amazing password managers available today and they assist you staying prophylactic and organised.