Modern features and conception improvements

It’s acquiring cold exterior (we’re from Sweden) just on Alternator it’s by all odds heat up! We have been arduous at body of work nerve-racking to enhance the aspect and feel of the site, and as always we added novel features and got disembarrass of some bugs as well.

  • Unexampled startpage with featured applications.
  • Updated design across the site.
  • Automatic userlevel system.
  • User profiles rich person been updated with accompaniment for Gravatar and the alternative to appearance what area you are from. More updates on the profile testament come in the approach future.
  • Public “points” system. Points are based on your actions on Alternator and your aggregate amount of points is displayed on your profile. And of class there is a inclination of the acme contributors .
  • You volition at once ascertain how many likes an app wealthy person in altogether types of application lists.
  • In club to donjon the lists of alternatives as adjust as it possible we accept made it easier for you to alarm us when something is wrong. Delight consumption the connectedness called “Not an alternative?” when you breakthrough something that is wrong.
  • Young RSS feed with the latest applications with sir thomas more than 10 likes. You discovery the golf links to completely RSS feeds in the sidebar.
  • Every application program at present bear a data check with about basic info about the applications programme and approximately stats.

As always, please give us feedback if you birth anything to share. Thank you!