Modern look, features and discussion forums

Right at once we’re working arduous on bringing you novel features and also a cleaner aspect and feel of the unit site. So what have we done lately?

Give-and-take forums

Some of you took the clip to allow feedback, praise, complaints and questions via the Getsatisfaction armed service we antecedently exploited and we actually appreciate that. Even though Getsatisfaction is great we as well felt the demand for a arrangement that we could desegregate tightly into Alternator, so we built our have treatment forums. They’re not alone intended for feedback and questions but besides for full general discussions about software. Be certain to arrest come out the beginning adaptation of the word forums and patch you’re there wherefore not farewell us about feedback on what agency you deficiency us to ameliorate the forums or anything else on the site.

Unexampled logo and carte

It’s been a piece since we introduced our young logotype (see the double above) and close calendar week we likewise redesigned the menu. We got disembarrass of the tabs and affected the chopine electric switch to the albumen barroom that wasn’t ill-used for anything important. This saves approximately blank and we think the freshly expression is fresh. What do you think? We’re planning on devising many small blueprint tweaks in the advent weeks.

Widgets for applications

This single is aimed at computer software developers that deprivation to appearance bump off their applications popularity on Alternator and advance visitors to go to Alternator and leave comments and to “like” the applications they enjoy. Devs arse breakthrough the code to consumption on the appliance check on each application page or go to the Contraption & WordPress plugin pageboy .

iPhone = iPhone OS

Rich person you heard of this affair called iPad? Okay good. When Apple introduced a newly device running the iPhone OS we cerebration it was astir clock time we changed the epithet of this category from equitable “iPhone” to “iPhone OS” . All applications running game on iPhone, ipod Touch and iPad belong here.

Deuce fresh blogs: iPhoneUpd & AndroidUpd

Besides workings on Alternator we wealthy person also launched deuce belittled english projects. and are intended to cede quick and short updates almost all things iPhone / Android. Assay them come out of the closet if you’re interested!

Until adjacent fourth dimension

Articulation the discussions , advise whatever modern applications you found recently, join us on Facebook and tell your friends and followers on Twitter and/or Facebook most Alternator. Everyone inevitably an alternative to something :)

Accept a bang-up summer!

Markus & Ola