So brisk and so clean house cleanse

Hi people! As you might already know we late affected to a fresh host and things seems to be working actually fountainhead now. Unlike our former answer everything should exfoliation well if we bang another dealings boost in the future. In early news, we equitable uploaded a modern adaptation of the internet site with some nice fixes and features!

Here is a short sum-up of what’s new:

  • The lists of alternative applications has a novel blueprint and at once shows the icon, tags and a unexampled button for liking the application.
  • The urls to applications and users are a band prettier than ahead which makes it a batch easier to berth golf links to Alternator. The young data format is and
  • Tabs have been added to the drug user profile page. It lets you browse the applications the exploiter likes, all comments he or she has made or the applications he has added to the site.
  • If you hunt for an application and you acquire it exactly right, and there are no former applications containing that name, you testament be transported to it’s page alternatively of the hunting results.
  • If RSS isn’t you thing, you arse at present sign to freshly applications via e-mail .