About changes made the cobbler's last couple of months

The conclusion couplet of months we have been planning for the future of Alternator and we also made approximately small improvements to the site. You arse anticipate john major changes advent this bounce but today we deficiency to afford you an update about what we rich person done lately.

– Applications that wealthy person not been approved all the same are marked with a yellow apprisal bar. You backside distillery browse to these applications and tell friends astir them but we bathroom not guarantee that altogether of them testament be approved.

– Our API has been rebuilt. The briny conflict for users of the API is that the URLs accept changed to brand them much cleaner. Read more around it on our API page .

– The RSS feeds had around belittled bugs that bear been fixed.

– We birth had problems acquiring close to OpenID providers to body of work fountainhead on Alternator but after just about tweaking we think that we got most of these problems come out of the way.

– Contributors and the users that added an application are at once given rights to alteration the name calling of applications.

– We made it possible to like applications from completely pages on Alternator. This volition hopefully make it easier for you to william tell the cosmos what applications you the like and shuffle Alternator an even better blank space for determination great alternatives.

– We are gift more or less credits to Rackspace Cloud in the internet site footer. We are actually felicitous with Rackspace Cloud and if you deprivation to attempt it come out of the closet for yourself then delight consumption our referral connectedness and you will accompaniment us in the process.

– Applications that exist on both the background and mobile versions of Alternator are at present linked. You behind ascertain this on applications the likes of Evernote and TweetDeck .

Thanks for your backing and for exploitation Alternator. Stay tuned for or so exciting clobber approach soon!