The cobbler's last update of 2010!

It’s been lull for some clip on Alternator just a brace of weeks agone me and Markus had a meetup and made about plans for the future. The first affair on that inclination was to fixing approximately small things that’s been littering our to do-list for agency to long. You breakthrough the fixes and features charles frederick worth mentioning in the lean below.

  • It is at once possible to adhd alone urls for Android, Windows Earphone (7), S60 (Ovi), iPad and iPhone apps. This could be golf links to the App Store for each chopine or to around third-party App Store where the app is comfortable to find.
  • We have added a fresh meta shred for applications that requires a frozen Android phone.
  • We rich person made close to changes to the beginning page and the default check no longer appearance the applications that has the most views. At present we display applications depending on when they were added, amount of views and amount of money of likes they have. Hopefully this testament give us a more dynamic commencement pageboy that changes sir thomas more a great deal and that is direction thomas more interesting for determination great modern applications.
  • You arse directly filter hunt results by platform and license. You backside also form it by likes or by name. We are planning to anatomy just about more than features that consumption these novel hunting features to brand it easier to browse for apps with tags.

Of class we deficiency to compliments you felicitous holidays if you celebrate Christmas and if you don’t we indirect request you more or less glad fixture days! We volition believably not compose another web log berth until 2011 so we as well regard you a Happy Unexampled Gregorian Year!