Outright amount of money of platforms, straight-out possibilites

Ever since we started Alternator a few days agone we have felt a bite express with the banner platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and so on. We cherished citizenry to also be able to breakthrough alternatives to jQuery Plugins, Chrome Extensions and add-ons to Microsoft Outlook, but we didn’t rich person a commodity answer for it until recently.

A few months agone we came up with an idea. Why not brand it possible to consumption whatever of the apps we wealthy person in our database as platforms. The possibilities with this resolution are endless. Maybe you deficiency to discovery Google Chrome alternatives to the amazing Tree Style Tab for Firefox ? Or you equitable deprivation to browse extensions to Windows Explorer ? Perhaps find Joomla alternatives to Buddypress ? You acquire the point. We think it’s pretty awe-inspiring and this fresh characteristic believably makes Alternator single of the most various computer software sites on the planet.

We bear as well interpreted the clip to rebuild our menus and filter options to make it easier to uncovering and browsing all the platforms. Before this update some of our less democratic platforms were fairly arduous to ascertain and we bob hope that these changes testament assist both fixture users and ability users to bump better software.

In club to shuffle the custom platforms as awesome as they birth the electric potential to be we actually demand your help. We can’t genuinely compete with specialised catalogs, the like the browsers have annex repositories for example. But since we deliver a alone access and arse allow alternatives crisscross chopine we in truth hope that the biotic community backside dance step up and assistance us adhd content. Please account clobber that is incorrect, advise modern platforms for apps and shuffling certain that they experience the right alternatives. We rattling leslie townes hope this could issue Alternator to a novel degree of usefulness. Enjoy!