What rich person we been up to?

We been working arduous lately with Alternator just we appear to wealthy person disregarded to tell you about it here. Here’s what’s new:

  • You arse at once filter our different startpages by license. So if you deficiency to acquire a inclination of our most liked Open Source Linux applications or late added free Windows applications that is at present possible.
  • We bear a fresh amazing short URL that is exploited when you contribution clobber on Twitter and such. It looks like this: http://altrn.tv/fDAZwA
  • It is directly possible to aspect the entire action account for an application or a user. You backside also eyeshot the stallion chronicle of the unit internet site (although that would issue a while). You breakthrough these golf links at a lower place each activeness logarithm in the sidebar.
  • Lot’s of early changes birth been made to the activity lumber to brand it easier for our bunch to assert the caliber of Alternator.
  • A page to lean things the like best contributor the close 30 days and all clip heights , our lately promoted contributors and a leaning of our moderators and admins .
  • We enforced “meta tags” some clock time back that made it potential to shred a application program with different tags the likes of portable, jailbreak, and discontinued. This is a accompaniment to our fixture tag end arrangement that is a bite more “explicit”. The meta tatter organisation is distillery not all done, merely we deliver we implemented the hypothesis to hunt for apps with a particular meta ticket and there’s sir thomas more to come. You bathroom either chink on a specific meta chase on a app that has single or hunting for them yourself. So forthwith you behind amaze a list of all applications that are “portable apps” or command a jailbrooken iPhone .
  • Modern blueprint on the applications programme pageboy that allows you to ascertain thomas more info in the right sidebar.