Your Awesome Feedback = Sir thomas more Improvements

We're guardianship up the impulse on Alternator by chronic to acquittance thomas more updates and improvements to the site. Since our close john major update, we’ve been receiving and hearing to your feedback, so we have since made some improvements based on that feedback.

Improvements to Lists

  • One characteristic that was most in-demand from our users, and the crew, was to rich person the ability to create "sections" in Lists, and to be able to make sub-lists inside a List. This testament admit you to wealthy person greater ascendance and administration over the lists you create. We think this is a great betterment to the Lists chopine and we believe you'll like it too.

    In club to produce a department within a list, just navigate to the Inclination you are creating, or editing, at the acme approach the “Add an app” section, you volition at once ascertain a affair to “Add discussion section heading.” Clicking this will bestow up an area to create a championship for the modern section, and blank space it where you’d the like in your list. The double at a lower place bequeath appearance you the novel airfield and what to aspect for:

image alt text

  • We’ve also added the power for users to "Like" Lists. This leave allow us to better membership democratic and high-quality Lists, featuring them on the front-page of the land site for bettor visibility.

    The “Like” button for Lists is located both at the big top and bottom of the Lean page, as seen in the effigy below:

image alt text

  • At present when browse Lists, you are able-bodied to choose how they are arranged when viewing, to punter assist you breakthrough what you’re look for. You arse directly decree the Lists by "Recent Views," “Date Created,” and by figure of “Likes.” You backside assure the unexampled alternative to form at the circus tent right when browsing the Lists, as seen in the epitome below:

image alt text

  • Accept you exploited our Leaning feature before? Please, army of the pure us know your suggestions, give us feedback, and tell us what more than we bathroom do to ameliorate this feature. Your feedback is invaluable to us and future updates!

E-mail Notifications

  • We acknowledge that it is authoritative for many users to be able to ascendancy the absolute frequency of electronic mail notifications they encounter from the website. In the to the highest degree holocene update, we’ve made about changes that spring users to a greater extent ascendence all over the email notifications they experience from Alternator.

    In case you aren’t certain how-to alteration the existent netmail apprisal settings, here’s how: Merely chink your username in the top-right navigation bar, then click "Settings" in the drop-down menu. This testament bring you to your user-settings page. At the bottom of the inning of this page, you’ll attend a division called “Notifications Settings,” hera you behind arrest or uncheck different notice settings according to your preferences, as shown in the figure below:

image alt text

  • The young feature article we’ve added is that users bottom forthwith alter these e-mail notification settings direct from whatever electronic mail they find from Alternator. Inside the email you’ll check a connectedness at the bottomland for "Notification Settings," clicking this volition address you to the dashboard to update your preferences, all without having to bear logged in.

Other Misc. Improvements and Updates

  • We’ve made approximately child improvements to the layout and reactivity of Alternator when browse from a mobile device. This will allow for for easier pilotage and readability, gift a wagerer drug user experience for when you demand to assay come out Alternator on-the-go.

  • The epithet of the "Windows RT" platform has been updated to “Windows S.” Windows RT accompaniment formally ended in January, grading the close of that platform. Since Windows S is considered the heir to Windows RT by many users, we updated the figure of the platform. Both Windows RT and Windows S are able of running Windows Store apps only, so the updated political platform bequeath appropriate users to filter alternate and apps available alone on the Windows Store.

Thank you to all of the Alternator users w.h.o. soft their opinions, sent in suggestions, and submitted their feedback. As we've aforementioned before, your feedback is priceless to us and has a awful encroachment on future tense updates. Please bear on lease us bang how we buns amend your feel on Alternator!